"Great, supportive environment, interesting approach, great model and lots of drawing time. Also a cute kitten. :)"

- Annie

"It's my honor to learn about Art with you Khun Nicolas. This 3 hours workshop, for me, it's way better than any best 3 hour spa treatment anywhere in the world. One thing that still in my head is that you said you didn't decide to be an artist but you were born to be an artist. I'm finding my way too! Khob khun mak ka Khun Nic!"

- Sinee Sirivisutra, Chiang Mai Thailand

LEARN TO DRAW. PERIOD Drawing Workshop:

A 3 hour workshop where you learn to draw. GUARANTEED. 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. 
I have not done any drawing for a few years, and Nicolas has made me want to take it up again. I went out and bought an easel and drawing tools the next day!
Thanks Nicolas..." 

- Roger

"I enjoyed this Meetup. Nick had exercises that helped us relax into our "right" minds and to draw. I surprised myself when I let go of my logical, evaluative left brain and drew things I didn't know I could. Nick's enthusiasm and passion for drawing is infectious. He is excellent at creating a relaxed atmosphere for his students. Looking forward to his next class."

- Connie Mudore

I have extensive experience teaching art to all levels both in school as well as in homeschool settings as well as preparing and giving specially tailored art and creativity workshops to different organizations and groups.


"A really informative class with lots of interesting exercises to encourage developing an artist's way of seeing things. Good class ambiance, great model. Thank you Nick for offering this great class. Looking forward to the next one!"

-Ann Stuart



Please contact me if you are interested in discussing a private workshop plan. 

Email: nick@nicolaslunafleck.com

Tel. +66-91-850-6425